Part One

The Universal Harmony Foundation

Our Foundation is an ecclesiastical non-profit governing body which
offers to those seeking entrance into its Ministry, extension studies in the
Spiritual Sciences for religious accreditation and recognition.  These
Courses of study are listed in Part Three.

Our name -
Universal Harmony - indicates that our philosophy and mission
is to present spiritual truth in a
"universal" manner and to emphasize
"harmony" in the individual path of Life-and-Living.
Part Two

Our Philosophy

The Universal Harmony Foundation is a Religious Non-Profit  organization.  
Its Philosophy, a union of Religion-and-Science, promulgates the following
Seven Affirmatives of the Living Spirit.
Part Three


Universal Harmony - Preparatory Training Courses

Requisite Enrollment

No Universal-Preparatory Training Course is released without Official
Enrollment on the
Application Form.

Universal Harmony Courses are specially prepared to train individuals into
its Religious Ministry.

There are nine Preparatory Training Courses.  Each Training Course
embodies specific informative and research material on The Spiritual
Sciences as expressed in the Affirmation-Tenets of Universal Harmony.

The REQUIRED Course for every beginner is Course II:  Scriptural Training.
This MUST be completed by the enrollee before other Courses are
released to the individual.

A one nominal price is upon all Preparatory Courses as an active
expression of Fraternal Service to those seeking this Pathway of Truth.  
All payments are made in full with the order of study material.


It is the intention and plan of the Foundation to grow into a Training
Centre wherein a
"Universal" presentation of The Spiritual Sciences shall
be presented by qualified representatives of World Truth, and who will
extend Seminars to its registered enrollees.

Please click here to view Courses:

Part Four
Religious Study:  Extension Service
The religious studies for those desirous of entering the Universal
Harmony - Ministry are herewith stated:

COURSE 1 - Universal Harmony Professionalism

COURSE 2 - Scriptural Study

COURSE 3 - Practical Metaphysics

COURSE 4 - Soul Science (1)

COURSE 5 - Soul Science (2)

COURSE 6 - Intuitive Development (1)

COURSE 7 - Intuitive Development (2)

COURSE 8 - Intuitive Development (3)

COURSE 9 - Spiritual Healing


Basic Study Course
Scripture                                           2

Missionary                                        2, 3, 6, 9

Ordained Minister                           2, 3, 6, 9, 1

Spiritual Science Researcher       All 9 Courses

UH-Authorized Spiritual Teacher  All 9 Courses Plus Treatise

Spiritual Healer                               2, 3, 9
Part Five


Admission into the Universal Harmony - Ministry

Only after the completed satisfactory religious study has been
accomplished, the student may apply for ministerial recognition.  Upon
examination of the student's record, the Foundation may accept or reject
any application.


Established regulations govern the issuance of all religious grants.  The
Universal Harmony - Grants are not educational degrees, licenses, or the
like - they are religious recognitions in the relation of Universal Harmony.
The Universal Harmony Foundation

An Incorporated Ecclesiastical Non-Profit Governing Body
10644 Orange
Blossom Lane
Seminole, FL  33772
Someday the scientists
over to the study of God
and Prayer, and the
spiritual forces which, as
yet, have hardly been

C. Steinmetz

Now there are diversities
of gifts, but the same
spirit.  And there are
differences of
administrations, but the
same Lord.  And there are
diversities of operations,
but it is the same God
which worketh all in all.

Apostle Paul:          
1Corinthians 12:4-6

The work of Comparative
Theology (Science of
Religion) is to do equal
justice to all the religious
tendencies of mankind.

James Freeman Clarke:
Ten Great Religions

See me!...
Thou canst not! - nor with
human eyes!,..
Therefore I give thee
sense divine.

Bhagavad Gita
Book XI
  • I AFFIRM the Eternality of Life-and Living.
  • I AFFIRM the Power of Prayer
  • I AFFIRM the Practice of Spiritual Healing.
  • I AFFIRM the Reality of the Psychic Principle.
  • I AFFIRM Soul Growth - as the Purpose of Life.
  • I AFFIRM Fraternal Service - as the Way of Life.
Rev. Nancy Castillo